Thursday, January 22, 2015

~* My 2014*~

Sorry I haven't been on in a long time. Last year I had a partially fun, crazy, and stressful kind of year. I tried to do a series of blog posts about my fitness and all the events going on last year but I became to busy and wasn't able to keep up with them So I ended up just deleting everything. So here is a quick over view of my year last year.

So last year my cousin got engaged and ask me to be her maid of honor in January. I began planning events and things right away. 

I took her to a bridal show. We had fun tasting desserts and seeing all the demo's. We even got a free massage!

Went dress shopping. Her wedding was all done in purple. As far as dresses go, we all did the same dark purple color and length but did slightly different styles. 

Two of the bridesmaids wore this dress.

The grooms sister wore this. 

And this was my dress!

I planned and had a bridal shower that turned out great!

 I did a candy/dessert bar & had little bags for people to take things home with them afterwards if they wanted.

This was the drink and food buffet.

 The bridesmaids and I got together and planned  the Bachelorette party. 
We all wanted some clean fun so we decided to do a murder mystery dinner. I also had the idea to do shirts for that night too. I designed and ordered them for everyone and they turned out great!

This is what some of the shirts looked like. They said Team Bride and had our names at the bottom of the shirt.

 We all did different colors and painted our nails the same color as our shirts.

As a gift to the bride to remember that night and all the fun we had we made this for her.
That night we all put lipstick on and kissed the paper and signed under our lip prints and framed it to give to
 her to have and hang on the wall.

On the day of the rehearsal dinner, all of us girls had a nice relaxing spa day earlier that day. It was pretty nice. I haven't had my nails done since before Nathan was born.. which was 5 years ago now.
These were my toes after I got done.

And finally the wedding day. It was a fun and nerve racking day. There were tears and the bride was a ball of nerves.. but I helped her get through it and everything went just fine. I also was a little bit of a ball of nerves myself after the ceremony. 
I have never given a speech in my life and was shaking like crazy... but some how I managed to do it and it turned out great. everyone loved it!

Me in my pretty maid of honor dress.

There was a ton more details and craziness that went on (That was not wedding related). But I just wanted to highlight the fun and happy parts of last year. 
Last year was a fun and crazy year and I am so happy my cousin ask me to be apart of all of it!

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