Tuesday, January 3, 2012

~*It's Potty Training Time!*~

So we went to Babies 'R' Us and picked out this potty seat for Nathan.

It is the Arm and Hammer 3 in 1 potty seat made by Munchkin.
The seat comes off and you can put it on the toilet for him to sit on once he is ready.
Includes a replaceable freshener insert for odor control and one 36 pk Arm & Hammer flushable Potty Wipes which you put in a built in holder on the side.
Then when the lid on the seat is down it turns into a stepstool for them to use to wash their hands.

I knew that when Nathan turned 2 years old that he would be about ready to start potty training. So we decided to wait until after all the holidays were done and then we would start him out in the new year. Needless to say it's potty training time! This is our third day trying to use our new potty chair and still no luck. We introduced it to him Sunday night and then we have been putting him on it Monday and Tuesday. I am not gonna lie potty training is kinda hard. It is hard to try and figure out his bathroom schedule plus getting him to try and tell us he has to go. See he will come and tell us when he has already gone poop or pee but trying to get him to tell us that he needs to go is another story. So far it hasn't seem to matter if I put him on the potty every hr or half hr... he still hasn't gone and he doesn't really want to sit on the potty very long either. I have tried to look at books with him and we have listened to music and watched youtube potty videos with him and nothing has really helped much. He loves to sit on it just doesn't seem to want to go in it. Hopefully he will start catching on soon. I am thinking that if ever I can get him to go on the potty and he can see how much fun it is and how much praise he will get that he will want to go all the time. It is only day 3 so hopefully things will go better the rest of the week.

  Did anyone else have trouble at first getting them to go in the potty?

Any helpfull advice is always welcome! = )

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