Thursday, February 9, 2012

~*Oh How The Years go By*~

Lately I have been thinking about the day I had Nathan. I remember holding this sweet little baby in my arms and I knew that I had changed and my life would never be the same.
I have been there through his first tears and giggles. 
 Through his first words and the first time he crawled.
Through his first steps, first tooth, and first hair cut.
I have been there through it all. He has grown so much since that day. He laughs, talks, sings, and runs around playing like crazy. He is the happiest little 2 year old boy I know. It just seems like it has all gone by so fast. Before I had Nathan I never thought I wanted children ever. Even when I was pregnant I kept thinking what have I got myself into. But something in me changed after having Nathan and knowing what I know now I would never have it any other way. As I sit by and watch him grow through these years I know I will have to let him go someday. But I would rather have these few years with him then none at all. It is my pleasure to raise him and help develop him into the man he will be some day. So while he is little, I am going to cherish every minuet of him and enjoy this for as long as I can!
I Truly do Love being his Mommy!

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  1. aww this is too cute! he sounds like such a joy! i don't have any littles yet, but it shocks me that my puppy is over a year old now...time flies.

    thank you for stopping by my're welcome to put my button up wherever you'd like!


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