Sunday, February 26, 2012

~*Mommy & the 2's!*~

It's official Nathan is in his full blown terrible 2's. Some days he can be so sweet and others it is a nightmare and I can't hardly wait for bedtime. He has defiantly developed an attitude out of no where and is very moody. But not everyday thank goodness! There is alot of craziness that comes with the 2's but it is not all bad tho. The best parts for me atleast is the fact he is really talking alot now. I love when he tells me he is hungry or that he wants something. It is much better then guessing all the time what he wanted. He came up to me yesterday and tried to get me to kneel down so he could have a kiss.. after giving me his little kiss he said "Thank you! I love you!". I was so proud.. I have been telling him that I loved him since he was born and he is finally saying it back. He likes to run up and give me hugs randomly and then he says I give you hugs and runs off to play.
 I also love hearing him sing songs while he is playing or sitting in his car seat in the car. There is alot of stressful days we go through as moms... but then somehow those small things seem to make it all worth while. Through the attitudes, moodiness, stressful days, and all the crazy 2 year oldness... I still love being a Mommy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do you have a 2 year old with the terrible 2's?

What is your craziest 2 year old moment?


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