Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~*How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet*~

So the other day my husband decided to plug in our new candle warmer in the living room and got one of my Yankee candles to put on it.  The problem is he put in a place where our 3 year old son could reach it! Yep you guessed it!
He dumped the whole candle all over our sub to our surround sound, all over half the DVD's and a bunch all over the carpet!
I freaked out when I saw it. Since we are renting the place we are living in the last thing we want is to ruin the carpet and get in trouble with the landlord.
 So my husband and I sat and looked at in awhile and talk about different things we could do to try and fix this problem. But I felt that it would only ruin the carpet worse.
 I eventually gave up and got on my Facebook and asked for help. I had a few people come to the rescue with some good idea's. I picked one and decided it was the best way to go about things.
The Paper Bag Trick is what I chose to do. 
Here is what you will need
Brown Paper Bag
An Iron
 I heated up my iron on a medium heat.
You don't want it to hot or it will either burn the carpet or melt it depending on what kind of carpet you have.
Once heated up I layed the paper bag flat over the spot of wax. I began ironing the paper bag like I was ironing a piece of clothing. You want to keep the iron moving... You do not want to just sit it on there. As I was ironing I began to see what looked like greasy spots coming through the paper bag. Sure enough it was the wax melting and being pulled up through the bag. I just kepting ironing and checking it every little bit and then I would rub the carpet to help break it up and bring it out. I wore a rubber glove. You don't have to though.. I just wanted to. Because I had a pretty big amount of it splattered on the carpet it ended up taking me almost and hour or so to get it all out of the carpet. I went through about 3 or 4 paper bags.
I am happy to say it was a success and it worked out wonderful!
The carpet looked just as good as new and it really did pull all of the wax right up. Not only was I surprised it worked... but I was happy enough with the result that I wanted to share this idea with everyone.
I wished I would have taken pictures for you guys to see but I didn't think of it at the time. Plus I didn't know this crazy idea would have worked.
So there you go if you ever have this problem. This is how to fix it.
I hope someone finds this as helpfull as I did.


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